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STAN Standard Members

The STAN policy of one member per European country means that membership is limited. However if you would like to represent STAN in your country, then we welcome applications from tour operators that are recognized and accredited for providing the highest quality experiences to student and youth travelers.


  • Business contacts exchange through a common database
  • Business activities at local and European level creating new business opportunities
  • Common participation in tourism exhibitions
  • Participation in annual meetings promoting networking and business experiences
  • Dedicated policies aimed at raising standards in youth and student travel
  • STAN Quality Accreditation
  • High networking potentials
  • Collective voice
  • Business brotherhood
  • Faster business development


  • Members must be the owners of any licensed DMC, Tour Operator or Travel Agency.
  • Companies that list educational, youth and special interest travel amongst their main activities.
  • Companies (and owners/directors) who are free of any financial or legal problems. Applicants must declare at the time of application if they have any history of similar problems.

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